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Our School

Gymnázium J. Vrchlického Klatovy

The history of the grammar school in Klatovy is really long and we can rightly be proud of it- after all it goes up to the 17th century. The recent history of our school is dated from the 4th November 1812. And in 1933 it was named after one of the greatest Czech poets, Jaroslav Vrchlický, who spent his student age here. Except for Vrchlický at Klatovy's grammar school there studied so prominent personalities such as Josef Thomayer, František Křižík and Karel Klostermann. A young teacher Jan Halíř has gone down in history, too. He was executed with many students by the Nazis during the Second World War. The "Halířův memorial" is annually held in honour of him at the end of the school year and it has joined among the traditional actions of our school life.

Gymnázium Jaroslava Vrchlického Klatovy
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Czech republic
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